Phosphoproteome profiling

Phosphorylation plays a key role in cell signaling pathways, which can be uncovered with LC/MS phosphoproteome profiling.

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ProteiQ will help you achieve holistic characterization of the biological system by identifying key activated signaling kinases/phosphatases.

The ProteiQ team will take care of all steps in your project from sample preparation, phosphorylated peptide enrichment to LC-MS profiling, data-processing and  bioinformatics analysis.

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Project setup

Clarifying objectives, designing experiment



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Execution by ProteiQ

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Reproducible enrichment rate of > 90%, very low contamination rate
Up to 15k phosphorylated peptides per run,  <5% missing values in replicates
Quantitative results with technical coefficient of variation < 15%
Phosphosite localisation above 75% confidence

How we achieve this

How we achieve this

High quality in-house synthesized  IMAC beads
Team with extensive experience phospho-proteome
Full automation of the enrichment step with Tecan liquid handling system
Data-processing with InfineQ (™) – leading software for DIA-MS phosphoproteomics
Experimental or in-silico library analysis options available

Established bioinformatics pipeline

We take care of the bioinformatics analysis enabling deeper insights into your phosphorylation data by building statistical models, performing targeted annotations, identifying patterns correlating with clinical phenotypes, establishing key pathways for upstream signaling kinases / phosphatase identifications among others.

Unlocking hidden layers with phospho DIA

Phospho-proteomics has matured into a robust, cutting-edge technology that is enabling scientists to gain key insights into cellular signaling activity. The study of phosphorylated peptides and proteins allows access to a layer of biological information, which is orthogonal to the analysis of pure proteome. By combining our own in-house developed phospho-peptide enrichment beads with state-of-the-art DIA-MS and InfineQ data processing platform. ProteiQ can provide you with deep insights into multitude of cellular processes and functions regulated by phosphorylation for your advanced experimental needs.

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