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The website uses cookies to track web statistics data such as web browser, language, data and time of access, etc.

This data used for the following purposes:

  • improving website performance (page speed load, navigation, content type, etc)

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Cookies can be grouped into 4 categories:

Necessary Cookies

This type of cookies files doesn't require a user's consent as they are used to provide main website functionality.

Functionality Cookies

This type of cookies helps to remember the information related to the website settings. These cookies can be used to reveal if a user visited the website before and not showing the message intended for the first time visit

Performance Cookies

These cookies collect such information as visited pages, session duration, where visitors come from. This data is anonymized and cannot contain personal information (name, e-mail address, etc). uses these cookies to improve the website performance.

Marketing Cookies

These cookies track users' online activity and help to understand the effectiveness of online advertisement campaigns. uses these cookies to improve its services and products

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