~2in 10
athletes train regularly to
Non-Functional Overreaching levels
~6in 10
athletes will have their training disrupted at least
once in their career due to Non-Functional Overreaching
~1in 10
athletes risk developing Over Training Syndrome
resulting in long term or PERMANENT absence from sport
Worried that you may be pushing too far?

Load and recovery periodisation

Loading and recovery periods are part of normal training. A runner seeking to increase aerobic capacity will gradually increase distance, pushing beyond his body’s comfort zone, but allowing plenty of time for recovery and adaptation between training sessions.

Balancing your training

In a perfect world, you would work on one element at a time. But preparation takes more than this – you need to think about speed, resistance, aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

Balancing is tricky. You need to push far enough to improve. But if you push too far – even in just one area – you could force your body into what scientists call Non-Functional Overreaching.

Immune capacity

..At this point, your body, as a system, can no longer recover from stress - whether caused by training or adverse life events. You will notice fatigue and a decrease in performance.

Your immune system’s adaptive capacity is being overwhelmed by under-recovery. The body switches to ‘energy saving mode’ to avoid further damage – it no longer allows you to perform at levels you managed easily before.

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